Thursday, December 22, 2011

The Case of the Haunted Vampire is Published!

I know this blog has been dead for several month. My coaching business has been very busy (in a good way), and my fiction writing has suffered for it. However, I had set a goal to get The Case of the Haunted Vampire published before Christmas, and I just made it!

The cover was professionally designed, and I'm very happy with it! The book was professionally edited, and I think she did a great job too.

Here's the Amazon link

To celebrate the release, I'm going to give away 15 free copies. All you have to do is comment on the blog, with your email address and the format you prefer. Mobi for Kindle or Epub for almost every other reader. If you goof and ask for the wrong format, just email me back, and I'll get you the right one.

First 10 comments get the book automatically. All other comments will go into a hat, and I'll draw 5 names on Christmas Day for the other giveaways.

Don't worry. I will not harvest your email addresses for any other purpose. If you want to be on a list for future releases, let me know, but otherwise, I won't send you any more messages after the free copy. If you are uncomfortable with leaving your email on my blog, comment below and then email me at, and you'll still be eligible.

I think that covers everything.