Thursday, September 16, 2010

Character and Plot Overview

I thought it might be useful to post some basic information about the series I'm writing.

The stories are set in the DC Metro area. It's where I live, so it's easy for me to research locations. In fact, earlier this week, I was out scouting locations for my series villain, a crooked land developer. I found a nice neighborhood that looked ripe for someone to redevelop using extortion and other less-than-savory tactics. What do you think?

There are two characters in the story. One is a warlock named Dafydd Smith. He'll be the first to tell you his name is pronounced "David" and that his mother was responsible for him being known in school as "Daffy Duck" until he graduated. Dafydd's day job is as a stage magician. Stage magic will play a minor role in the series. He's also known by most of the psychics in DC, and he helps them find lost articles and deal with ghosts who are getting a bit out of hand.

The other character is a vampire named Paul. He does have a last name, but it won't be revealed until the third or fourth story in the series. He likes his mystery, and he's not always completely honest with Dafydd about his background. However, he is honest about his motivations. Something happened to him about 40 years ago which made him decide to give up being evil. Exactly what that was will be revealed in the first few stories. He does occasionally kill humans, but only those who are truly evil. As Dafydd says in The Case of the Haunted Vampire, he's kind of a cross between Angel and Dexter.

Next week, I'll post a teaser summary of the first story, The Case of the Haunted Vampire. It's completely written and mostly edited. I'll be releasing it for free, so if anyone wants a copy, just give me your email in the comments, and I'll send it to you.


  1. Sweet! Looking forward to watching the characters and story develop in and around DC 'hoods. There are so many characters here you could include, but it would drive you crazy, keeping track of them.

  2. No worries, Nancy. I'll get to the other characters over time. I gotta give first love to the main guys.

    And I do have a master character list, to keep track of them all. I figured out I needed that the first time I couldn't remember a character name. And that was my white hat hacker, someone I like a lot!