Thursday, August 2, 2012

Rituals. Why Does It Have To Be Rituals?

I just finished crafting another finding ritual for Dafydd. This time he was trying to find a place, not a person, so it was similar to ones I've done before, but just different enough that I had to go research more magical herb properties.

I keep thinking these will get easier as I write them, and I suppose they will, but not yet. Fight scenes are so much simpler!

Why are rituals so hard? I think it's because of the research. I haven't found a good source for herb properties yet, but one of the sites directed me to a book on Amazon that I'm going to buy. It's supposed to be a good encyclopedia of herbs and their properties. And luckily, it's on Kindle, so it'll be searchable! Hooray.

I know of the author (Scott Cunningham), and he's good, so it'll be a good addition to my library. And if it makes ritual writing easier, it'll be worth every penny!

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