Thursday, October 7, 2010

Funny How Locations Work

Coincidence or fate? Sometimes it's hard to tell.

When I started planning my second story, The Case of the Lost Werewolf Puppy, I knew I wanted to introduce Stephen Dean, my series villain. He's the crooked real estate developer I was location scouting for a few weeks ago. I found a couple of great locations just off 14th Street in Northwest DC.

Then I needed a action-packed opening for the story. I decided the demon who hit the cutting room floor in The Case of the Haunted Vampire was ideal. It's a tentacled Cthulhian thing. I needed a location for the fight scene and decided on the Reflecting Pool in front of the Washington Monument. Even people who've never been to DC should be able to visualize that location. Guess where the Washington Monument is? Yep, just off 14th Street.

Werewolves are (obviously) going to play a big part in this story, and I wanted a werewolf hangout, so I chatted with my DC adviser. She suggested a bar called Green Lantern. This week I went to hunt down its location. And what did I discover? You guessed it. It's just off 14th Street.

So I ask you again? Coincidence. Or fate?

By the way, everyone I've mentioned the opening too has said "Cool!" What do you think of a tentacled monster in the Reflecting Pool? I wish I had Photoshop and the slightest bit of talent. (hint!)

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